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mobile PROGRAM management

Take Control Of Your Mobile Program.

Manage your hosting organizations, prospect for new ones, schedule blood drives, manage your drive calendar, run reports, and recruit donors. Softrecruit will significantly increase the productivity of your recruitment staff and give management the tools they need to oversee mobile operations.

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Schedule blood drives and document drive information all in one place, including date, time, location, bloodmobile/van, drive coordinator contact info, logistics (i.e. parking and check-in instructions), and directions. Also, track sign-ups and post-drive results. Profiles are automatically created for all blood drives so your recruiters can easily schedule appointments and recruit donors. Once drives are created, they can be copied for future use making it a snap to schedule subsequent blood drives. Fixed sites and blood drives can be viewed and managed through the "Recruitment View" so you can easily view the entire schedule and track drive performance. 

Schedule blood drives and manage the blood drive calendar.

The "Recruitment View" will be one of the most visited pages in the application. From here, managers and recruiters can get a birds-eye view of the entire calendar (centers & mobile drives) and see how each of them is performing. The view is set-up as a list, showing all of your centers first then your mobile drives for each day as well as whether or not the mobile is a bloodmobile or inside set-up. This view will also show you the hours of operation, the goal, and the total appointment count by procedure type.  From this page, users can also access and manage profiles and appointments. 

View your entire calendar (centers and mobile drives) on one screen, including how each is performing.

Recruiters can schedule tasks and reminders for their blood drives as well as follow-ups to prospective hosting organizations. "Tasks" is a powerful feature that allows your recruiters to manage their pipeline more efficiently and lets managers track their progress. Create multiple views to quickly see things like which tasks are past due and what is due today or next week. Views can be segmented by the type of follow-up, including tasks related to an upcoming blood drive and tasks related to scheduling a new blood drive. Recruiters can effectively use tasks to organize and manage their day-to-day schedule so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Schedule individual tasks and reminders. 

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The "Auto Task" feature is a real time-saver and organizational tool designed to help recruiters stay consistent in their follow-up schedule. For example, let's say you want your recruiters to follow-up a minimum of six times over a 60-day period leading up to the blood drive. With "Auto Task," when a recruiter schedules a drive, all associated tasks will automatically be scheduled. If the drive is canceled, the tasks are automatically removed. This is an excellent way for management to create a recruitment plan and ensure everyone is following it.

Recruiters can create a series of recurring tasks that are auto-generated whenever a new blood drive is programmed.

All of the information entered by a recruiter when scheduling a blood drive can be used to design a custom Drive Sheet that your team can print and take to the blood drive. Include information like start and end time, drive type, phone numbers, address, directions (automatically calculated), drive and back-up coordinator contact information, courier company contact information, parking, check-in instructions, and any other information you want your team to have at their fingertips. Drive Sheets can be printed on a drive-by-drive basis or printed by date range.  

Print detailed Drive Sheets for Mobile Teams.

The “marketing material” section can be used in two ways: 1.) Simply give recruiters a place to document what type of materials they need to produce for a drive along with important deadlines. Example: the drive coordinator typically likes 50 flyers, 5 posters, 10 parental consent forms, an email, and a .jpg for social media; all of this info can be documented for your team to reference at a later date. Recruiters can also use "Delivery/Need by Date" fields to ensure materials are completed and delivered on time. 2.) Automate your marketing material creation. Let’s say you want someone other than your recruiter to create and ship the materials. Workflows can be created to notify the appropriate contacts when a drive's materials are ready to be produced and subsequently notify the recruiter when they are completed. This is an efficient way to handle collateral, freeing up your recruiter to spend more time in the field.

Document and order blood drive marketing materials. 

When blood drives are scheduled, they are classified as either public or private and a default appointment scheduling calendar or profile is automatically created along with a special link that will only direct users to that specific calendar. This makes it very easy for your recruiters to subsequently market their blood drive and encourage donors to schedule appointments. These links can be used in emails and text messages, on marketing materials, and given to drive coordinators to share on social media or with their donor base.

Create Public and Private blood drives.

The Donor Contact Management and Email Marketing functionality make it super easy for your recruiters to quickly advertise their blood drives. Recruiters can create lists based on the last donation location or zip code. Once the list is created, they can send emails or text messages and even set up an automated email campaign that will send out emails 2-3 times prior to the blood drive. The best part is, this can all be done in just a few minutes.

Easily pull lists of previous donors based on last donation location or zip code to create targeted email and text marketing campaigns. 

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