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Scheduling Appointments.

SoftRecruit is the most comprehensive appointment scheduling platform available on the market today for blood donor recruitment. Developed with input from industry professionals who have decades of donor recruitment experience, the SoftRecruit Appointment Scheduling Platform will accommodate almost any scheduling scenario you need for your blood center.

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Calendar Profiles
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With SoftRecruit’s “Calendar Profiles” you can customize your appointment calendar exactly how you need it. Configure drive availability on your appointment calendar with options like number of donation beds, average donor screening time, how many appointments for each time slot, donation times for each type of collection, maximum number of appointments per day, maximum appointments by donation type, and so much more! And, once you get your profile just the way you like it, you can simply copy it moving forward, which is a real time saver.  

Create appointment calendars for all procedure types, fixed sites, and mobile drives.

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Scheduling appointments couldn’t be easier for your staff and your donors! Appointment openings are shown on screen by how many appointments are available by time slot and procedure type.   

View the total number of appointments available by time slot and procedure type. 

Not every donor can commit to a specific donation time. Offering these donors the option of a walk-in appointment has many benefits. By gaining a commitment from the donor, they are much more likely to show up; we reinforce this by sending confirmation and reminder emails/texts. These donors are also encouraged to enter a time range for their walk-in appointment so you have an estimated arrival time. SoftRecruit also allows you to control how many walk-ins you allow per day, whether or not you accept online walk-ins and for which procedures.

Schedule walk-in appointments.

SoftRecruit automatically sends out appointment confirmations and reminders. Appointment confirmation emails are sent immediately after the appointment is scheduled. Appointment reminders are configurable and can be sent at 12, 24, 36, 48 hours before the donor's appointment.  All donors will receive an email reminder and also have the option to opt-in for a text reminder when their appointment is scheduled. This is also a great way to begin building your opt-in text marketing list, and gain permission to text these donors in the future about their eligibility and other promotions you may run throughout the year.  

Automatically generate email and text appointment confirmations and reminders.

Appointment confirmations are extremely useful. When donors schedule an appointment, they receive reminder texts and emails with an appointment confirmation link. Appointment rosters can then be printed so your staff can see which donors confirmed and which didn't. Here at 448, we use this data to determine which donors get a reminder phone call. Donors who confirm online don't receive a call unless they specifically requested one, and donors who did not confirm online do receive a reminder call. Bonus Tip: Sending reminder emails 48 hours in advance, allows more time to call all donors who didn't confirm online. 

One-click appointment confirmations for donors.

Public & Private
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Blood drive appointment calendars can be created as public or private. Public calendars are available to the general public and are visible on your main, online, donor center appointment calendar for donors to self-schedule. Private calendars are only available and visible to donors who are given a special link or code.  

Mobile drive calendars can be made public or private for additional recruitment flexibility. 

Notifications are available for almost any action in SoftRecruit and can be especially useful for managers/recruiters to keep an eye on their appointment scheduling calendars. Get a notification anytime one of your donors cancels or reschedules. Get notified when fixed sites or blood drives reach maximum appointment capacity for a specific procedure type. You can use this timely information to increase your capacity on any given day and see more donors. 

Timely email notifications help you manage your appointment scheduling calendars and so much more!

The industry standard on a donor's follow-up schedule has always been driven by their eligibility date. But, eligibility date isn’t always the best indicator or recruitment strategy. SoftRecruit’s Recruitment Date feature gives you total control over the follow-up schedule you set for your donors based on the specific outcome of their appointments and donations. Maybe you’d prefer to wait two weeks before reaching out to donors who are deferred for one day due to iron. Perhaps you want to recruit whole blood donors every 90 days instead of every 56. Would you like to wait two weeks before following up with a donor who canceled their appointment, and three days before reaching out to an appointment no show? This is all possible with the SoftRecruit Recruitment Date feature. You can customize your donor outreach and control follow-up timing in all types of specific situations. 

Unique Donation Status and Recruitment Date functionality helps standardize follow-up with donors after whole blood or apheresis donations, deferrals, appointment cancellations, and no shows.

Recruitment Date
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Automatically build in more time for your staff to spend with donors who are donating for the first time. This feature is fully customizable by procedure type and can be turned on/off for each scheduling calendar you build.     

New Donor functionality gives you the ability to block off more time on the calendar for new donor appointments. Giving your staff more time to spend with someone donating for the first time.  

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