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448 is powered by a team of recruitment professionals who are passionate about saving lives. 


Elegant Abstract Background



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We have a seasoned team of donor recruitment veterans and call center professionals who are committed to our mission of saving lives and being a trusted and valued partner to our clients.


448 staffs professional recruiters who are skilled and well trained, we only accept the best. Our turnover rate is very low, several of our recruiters have been with us more than a decade.


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Regardless of their previous experience, all new recruiters participate in an intensive, two-week orientation before calling a donor. Each recruiter  receives ongoing coaching, training and performance benchmarking; perfection is the standard.


All donor-conversations are recorded; 10% are reviewed for quality control.

 “Grateful is the best word to describe my career with 448. Grateful for the Owners and Coworkers, who respect and appreciate one another and enjoy working together. Beyond Grateful to the incredibly generous donors that we speak to daily, that give the gift of blood to Save Lives.” 

                                               Shelli R. - Mobile Recruiter and Quality Control Since 2014


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Our recruiters love to recruit. And our support-staff loves to help them succeed.  We all share a deep respect for donors and cherish the life-saving power of blood donations. We are passionate about acknowledging exceptional performance in all areas of our organization and consistently reward individuals for exceeding benchmarks and performance expectations


Studies have proven engaged teams are 21% more productive than disengaged teams. Engaged teams have a deep understanding of why their work matters and their company's big-picture goals, which for 448, is saving lives.


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Prior to beginning a campaign, we will create an Intranet, which is essentially a website or knowledge base that organizes information about your donor program. Intranets are continually updated as we receive new information or changes to existing policies and practices are communicated. We always have the latest information at our fingertips. 

  • Donor Center and Mobile Drive Profiles and Collections Practices

  • Basic Eligibility Information and Deferral Policies

  • Donor Center and Mobile Drive Locations

  • Basic Medical and Travel Deferral Criteria

  • Policies, Procedures, Programs and Promotions

  • Appointment Scheduling Standards and Expectations


*See Sample Intranet Page


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448 Recruitment is owned and operated by Mark Sanger and Heath Wilson. 

Mark and Heath are lifelong friends and have been business partners for over 20 years. 

Mark and his wife Erica have three girls. Heath and his wife Melinda have one daughter and a 6 year old grandson.

They are proud Texans who love to hunt and fish.


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15 years ago, a man in Heath's hometown (Quanah, Texas) was diagnosed with leukemia. He was a beloved member of the community and a veteran rodeo clown (a big deal in Texas!). The local high school organized a replacement drive for him, and Mark and Heath decided to help make it more successful. They donated their time and company resources to help recruit new donors to the drive; it was the most productive in school history.


Since then, they have been providing exceptional recruitment services to blood donor programs across the country.

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