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We maximize the collections-value of unusable donor data. 

We find working telephone numbers for donors who aren’t called because the only numbers associated with them are wrong or disconnected. We typically convert 10% into active donors.



Wrong and disconnected number campaigns are straight forward. First, send us all of your donors with bad phone numbers, then we'll conduct a contact-data health check and find good phone numbers for them. Next, we will reach out to these donors, schedule a donation appointment, and get them walking back through your doors. The initial boost of donors you will see is amazing.

During this process, we can also get you updated postal and email addresses.

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448 Recruiters will schedule whole blood and apheresis donation appointments for your donor center(s), as well as community blood drives.


  • Schedule appointments using your existing appointment software or SoftRecruit.

  • Place appointment reminder calls.

  • Manage callbacks, cancellations, and missed appointments.

  • With approval, send confirmation emails and reminder texts.

Donor Eligibility

448 Recruiters, will be knowledgeable of your blood center's basic donor eligibility criteria and will answer basic eligibility questions. If a recruiter is asked an eligibility question that is not basic, we will transfer the call to a qualified employee at your center or encourage them to call you to discuss their specific medical condition/history.



Prior to beginning a campaign, we will create an Intranet, which is essentially a website or knowledge base that organizes information about your donor program. Intranets are continually updated as we receive new information or changes to existing policies and practices are communicated. We always have the latest information at our fingertips. 

  • Donor Center and Mobile Drive Profiles and Collections Practices

  • Basic Eligibility Information and Deferral Policies

  • Donor Center and Mobile Drive Locations

  • Basic Medical and Travel Deferral Criteria

  • Policies, Procedures, Programs and Promotions

  • Appointment Scheduling Standards and Expectations


*See Sample Intranet Page



We believe that you can’t effectively manage what you don’t measure. Measuring our performance allows us to develop metrics and establish benchmarks that are invaluable to our recruitment productivity. We'll submit three monthly reports that assess: Recruitment Productivity, Appointment Attendance and Data Penetration. Custom reports and varying submission-frequency are available upon request.

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