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Mining Your Data.

Successful donor recruitment hinges on the ability to quickly and efficiently extract donor data from your recruitment platform to create targeted lists for email marketing, texting and tele-recruitment, and generate reports that gauge the success of your marketing efforts. SoftRecruit puts these tools at your fingertips and incorporates marketing automation so you can target donors with the right message at the right time.    

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Donor Contact Management
SoftRecruit gives you the ability to build, save and share sophisticated queries across the entire application. Build queries for donors, search previous donations, appointments, blood drives and drive coordinator contacts. View your search results on-screen by creating your search parameters, column headers and sorting order. Once your queries are built, you can use them to recruit donors, build reports and gain insights on your operations and recruitment performance.   

Search any field in SoftRecruit and build sophisticated queries.

Advanced filters let you drill down and create queries to target very specific groups of donors. You can search for multiple zip codes or zip codes in a range; easily identify all donors who are eligible today, tomorrow, after today, in the next 30 days, or last 30 days; and so much more. There is no limit to how sophisticated and specific you can make your queries.

Use advanced filters to pull targeted donor lists.

Saved searches can be easily converted into marketing campaigns with a just few clicks to recruit donors via email, text or tele-recruitment. Searches can also be exported into excel, which is handy in a variety of situations.

Convert saved searches into marketing campaigns and export into Excel.

Although it may sound simple, this functionality provides endless possibilities for automating your recruitment efforts. The searches you create and convert into marketing campaigns are dynamically updated based on the saved query criteria. For example: let’s say you want to send reminder emails to donors on the day they become eligible to donate whole blood. In your query, you set your eligibility date filter to "Today.” Each day, SoftRecruit will automatically update your query, pulling the new list of donors who just became eligible, thus allowing you to set up an email that will automatically be sent every day to eligible whole blood donors. The possibilities are endless... procedure-specific eligibility reminders, post-donation thank you's, survey requests, happy birthdays, reward milestones, you name it!  The best part, it happens every day without any human involvement... automated recruitment!

Dynamically updated searches and marketing lists.

Dynamically Updated Lists
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