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Email Marketing

Take Your Digital Marketing To Another Level.

Email marketing is an essential recruitment tool for blood centers. Unfortunately, the only tools commonly available are email services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. While great web applications, when these programs aren’t integrated with your recruitment software, you are left exporting and importing donor data. With SoftRecruit, your recruitment and email marketing software are on the same platform, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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SoftRecruit comes equipped with a drag and drop email editor, making it easy to build professional-looking emails without any coding or HTML experience. To get you started, 448 will also provide a small library of pre-built templates using your blood center’s brand guidelines. 

Drag and drop email design and editing with template builder.

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With this incredibly powerful SoftRecruit feature, the marketing automation possibilities are endless. Marketing automation helps you deliver targeted and timely messages to your donors, strengthening loyalty and increasing your collections. After you are done building your dynamically updated donor lists, you can begin setting up automated email campaigns (aka drip campaigns). These are campaigns that send emails to donors as they meet certain criteria: eligibility reminders, birthday wishes, post-donation thank you notes, donation milestones, and so much more! 

Automation allows for hands-off, recurring email campaigns.

SoftRecruit’s donor contact management functionality combined with its email marketing platform makes it possible for you to, in a matter of minutes, send out extremely targeted critical pleas and special promotions to donors. If you have a rewards store, you can also check out the "Promos" feature, which makes offering special incentives for your critical please seamless. 

Quickly implement critical pleas and launch special recruitment promotions.

You can't manage what you don't measure... gain insights into all of your email campaigns with built-in metrics to gauge how well your marketing efforts are performing. See how many donors opened your emails, engaged with links, how many messages bounced, or which donors opted out from receiving future messages.

Track email campaign performance.

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Email deliverability is a science. No one can guarantee that your email won't end up in a donor's spam folder, but there are steps you can take to decrease those chances. SoftRecruit has several built-in features to help protect your sending reputation with the major ISP's. First, before you ever hit send, SoftRecruit checks every email address to make sure it’s valid; if an email isn’t valid, it is automatically removed.  Successful email deliverability is a combination of the right technology and the right email marketing practices. 448 offers both! 

Email deliverability... the science of hitting the inbox.

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With SoftRecruit’s survey engine, you can create surveys and track responses. Each survey has a unique URL that can easily be embedded as a button or link into emails or even texts (surveys are mobile friendly). Also, by using the Donor Contact Management & Email Marketing functionality, you can automate surveys. For instance, you can create a post-donation thank-you that includes a survey and have it automatically send to donors who were a successful draw.

Create and send donor experience survey requests. Track responses and compile results weekly or monthly.

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