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We've been dedicated to helping blood centers tele-recruit active and lapsed blood donors since 2008. It's our passion! 


We are skilled at making the most of lapsed donor data. Regardless of whether it’s been 12 months or 5 years since donors last donated, we return them to active status by leveraging our experience, software, and exceptional recruitment methodology.

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Save time and money with effective ways to recruit lapsed donors.

Reach More Donors Quickly & Efficiently

Boost Lapsed Donor Contact Rates

Wrong & Disconnected # Campaigns

Exclusive Pay-Per-Unit Pricing

Contact Center Designed for Blood Donor Recruitment


Retired after 11 YEARS

"This has unequivocally been the smartest career choice I've ever made.  Besides working with a great group of people, it's so rewarding to know that we're saving lives every day.  The best part is getting to talk to wonderful individuals every day who are willing to sacrifice their time to donate blood."

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