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Increase Productivity.

We believe that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. SoftRecruit allows recruiters, managers, and marketing staff access to meaningful reports and also provides a suite of productivity tools that will keep your employees organized and efficient. 

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Create productivity reports that help you monitor things like: collections at fixed sites and mobile drives, mobile drive attendance, projection accuracy, deferrals, successful draws, appointment cancellations, no-shows, and more! Develop a report to track how many new donors you’ve secured within a particular time period. Understand how your email marketing is performing by creating detailed statistic reports. SoftRecruit comes pre-loaded with commonly used report templates. And, we can work with you to develop specific reports for the metrics you would like to track. There is truly no limit to the reports that can be generated. 

Create Custom Reports & Performance Snapshots.

The "Advanced Reports" feature allows you to create custom reports using one or more SQL statements in order to easily query the entire SoftRecruit database. All the information you want is at the tip of your fingers. SoftRecruit also gives you the ability to build, save and share sophisticated queries across the entire application. Build queries for donors, search previous donations, appointments, blood drives and drive coordinator contacts. View your search results on-screen by creating your search parameters, column headers, and sorting order. Once your queries are built, you can use them to recruit donors, build reports or create views to get performance snapshots to gain insights on your operations and recruitment performance.  

Reports & Advanced Search Allow You to Build Sophisticated Queries.

Workflows can be created to notify the appropriate staff when a particular task needs to be completed. For example, when scheduling a mobile drive, a workflow can be automatically generated to notify the right staff member when the drive's materials are ready to be produced, and subsequently notify the recruiter when they are completed. This is an organized and efficient way to ensure various tasks are completed and deadlines are met.

Create Workflows to Ensure No Task Falls Through the Cracks.

Integrate or Sync your Outlook Email and Calendar with SoftRecruit. The primary benefit of syncing Outlook with SoftRecruit is that email communication to donors and drive coordinators will be documented in the contact history of the record. This can be an invaluable tool to assist with customer service issues and for recruiters to quickly see their previous interactions with drive coordinators.

Outlook Email & Calendar Integration.

Utilize SoftRecruit's library of built-in system notifications or easily create your own custom notifications. Just about any action taken in SoftRecruit can have a corresponding notification.

System Notifications.

The Task feature is available in the Donor, Drive Coordinator, and Blood Drive Panels. General reminders can be set directly in the Task Management Panel. Tasks can be filtered, managed, organized, and even assigned from one team member to another. Tasks are an efficient way to manage day-to-day tasks, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Task Management.

SoftRecruit gives Users the ability to leave notes, and it automatically stores and documents contact history, such as outbound and inbound calls, emails, and texts. This feature is available in the Donor, Drive Coordinator, and Blood Drive Panels. Users can also store documents and create PDF Templates.

Notes, Contact History & Document Storage.

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